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Chase Foster, PhD

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My research is in comparative and international political economy, with a focus on market regulation in Europe and North America.


My interests include the relationship between competition law and the organization of capitalism; the geopolitics of regulatory policymaking and enforcement; the political economy of industrial policy; and the politics of regulating Big Tech. 

I am currently a Lecturer in Public Policy & Management at SOAS, University of London. Previously, I held academic positions at the Technical University of Munich, Brown University, and the LSE.

Research Interests

My research falls into three main areas: 


1. The Political Economy of Competition Law

I am writing a book that examines the causes and consequences of the Atlantic Divide in Antitrust from the 19th century until the present.  I have published work on competition law and varieties of capitalismcourts and competition paradigms, bureaucratic discretion and social learning, and the politics of policy implementation in the European Union. I am currently investigating the politics of globalized enforcement and the interrelationship between competition law and the organization of capitalism in the longue durée.  


2. European Politics and Public Policy

I have published articles that examine the effects of the Euro-crisis on public trust in government, the economic determinants of public support for integration, and the politics of European financial regulatory reform. In a working paper, I analyse the relationship between labor market reform and support for European populist parties.

3. The Comparative Politics of Industrial Policy

With a collaborator, I have received an external grant to support the development of a new project on the comparative politics of business investment subsidies. In a working paper we develop an original typology to classify the diverse socio-economic logics underpinning subsidy programs. In November 2023, we presented our initial findings at the "New Thinking in Industrial, Innovation & Technology Policy," held at Columbia University. 



“Coordination Rights, Competition Law and Varieties of Capitalism” (with Kathleen Thelen). Forthcoming in Comparative Political Studies. Pre-print version here.

Brandeis in Brussels?: Bureaucratic Discretion, Social Learning and the Development of Regulated Competition in the European Union” (with Kathleen Thelen). Regulation & Governance. Publisher's version

"Legalism without Adversarialism: Public and Private Enforcement in the European Union,” Regulation & Governance 18: 53-72. Publisher's version.

“Varieties of Neoliberalism: Courts, Competition Paradigms and the Atlantic Divide in Antitrust.” 2022. Socio-Economic Review 20(4): 1653-1678. Publisher's version.

“Crisis of Trust: Socio-Economic Determinants of Europeans’ Confidence in Government,” (with Jeffry Frieden). 2017. European Union Politics 18(4): 511-535. Publisher's version.

“Economic Determinants of Public Support for European Integration, 1995-2018” (with Jeffry Frieden). European Union Politics 22(2): 266-292. Publisher's version.

“The Protectionist Politics of Globalized Regulatory Enforcement: Evidence from Cartel Prosecutions Involving Foreign Firms” [Under Review]. Preliminary draft

Contact Me

SOAS, University of London

10 Thornhaugh St, London WC1H 0XG  

Tel: +1 401 837 7115

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