Chase Foster, PhD

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I study state-market relations in comparative and historical perspective.

I am particularly interested in the politics of competition law, the political economy of regulatory enforcement, and the causes and consequences of economic liberalization and market-based reform. 

I am currently a Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer at the Hochschule für Politik/ TUM School of Governance at the Technical University of Munich

Research Interests

My research interests fall into three main areas: 


1. The Political Economy of Competition Law

I am writing a book on the comparative political development of competition law.  I have written several papers on the political economy of competition law enforcement. 


2. The Global Financial Crisis and its Aftermath

I have published articles about the effects of the Euro-crisis on public trust in government and the politics of European financial regulatory reform in the aftermath of the global financial crisis.


3. The Politics of Populism

In collaborative projects, I have examined the relationships between welfare retrenchment and public support for European populism, and populism and democratic theory.



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“Economic Determinants of Public Support for European Integration, 1995-2018” (with Jeffry Frieden).

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“Varieties of Neoliberalism: Courts, Competition Paradigms and the Atlantic Divide in

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“Legalism without Adversarialism: Public and Private Enforcement in the European Union” [R&R at

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