Selected Publications

Working Papers

In Preparation


“Economic Determinants of Public Support for European Integration, 1995-2018” (with Jeffry Frieden).

[Forthcoming in European Union Politics]. Publisher's version

“Varieties of Neoliberalism: Courts, Competition Paradigms, and the Atlantic Divide in Antitrust," [Conditional Acceptance at Socio-Economic Review]. Current Draft



"Economic Patriotism After the Crisis: Explaining Continuity and Change in European Securities Enforcement," 2018. Review of European and Russian Affairs, 12(1): 1-23. Publisher's version.


“Crisis of Trust: Socio-Economic Determinants of Europeans’ Confidence in Government,” (with Jeffry

Frieden). 2017. European Union Politics 18(4): 511-535. Publisher's version.

“The Politics of Independent Central Banks,” 2017. Review Essay. Public Administration 95(1): 289-293. Publisher's version


Negotiation Myopia.” (with Jane Mansbridge and Cathie Joe Martin). 2015. In Mansbridge, Jane and Cathie Jo Martin, eds. Political Negotiation: A Handbook, 121-140. Washington, D.C. Brookings Institution Press. Publisher's version

“Legalism without Adversarialism: Public and Private Enforcement in the European Union” [R&R at

Regulation & Governance]. Preliminary draft.

“The Protectionist Politics of Globalized Regulatory Enforcement: Evidence from Cartel Prosecutions Involving Foreign Firms” [Under Review]. Preliminary draft

“Compensation, Austerity, and Populism: Social Spending and Voting in 17 Western European Countries” (with

Jeffry Frieden). Preliminary draft

“Populism and Democratic Theory: An Extended View” (with Jane Mansbridge and Stephen Macedo).

"Does EU Competition Law Undermine Coordinated Market Economies?" (with Kathleen Thelen)

“The Politics of Cost-Benefit Analysis”.

“Bunkered Emissions: International Law and the Politics of Climate Action in the Aviation Sector”.